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Learn about eye control. 

What is eye control?

Eye-control technology simply allows the user to control a computer running Windows by just looking at the computer screen and moving their eyes to the location where they what the mouse cursor to move to. Essentially, the mouse cursor is connected to your eye position on the computer screen, if you look right, the cursor will move to the right, if you look left, the cursor will move to the left. If you move your eyes in a zigzag pattern across the screen, the cursor will follow this pattern.

Our Psykinetic suite of software then harnesses the information from your eye movements with the help of an eye tracking device and allows you to control our software solely with your eye movements. Allowing you to communicate faster via Frontier, compose music with Atmosphere, or challenge your friends to pilot a space ship game in Kinetic Zero! All of these software packages are available through our eye control hub called StarGaze!

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NDIS Funding Support

Psykinetic is not an NDIS registered approved vendor.  However, self-managed NDIS clients can purchase Psykinetic products from our website for personal use then submit an invoice to claim back the cost under the NDIS scheme.
For NDIS managed or agency planned participants, we recommend that you contact the NDIS to discuss available options.  
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